June 8 2017

The Poor Girls Pantry

Earlier this year I went on a trip to Byron Bay to visit a friend. On my visit, I stumbled upon this amazing duo – Elise & Sarah Mae from The Poor Girls Pantry.

Their mantra; Two Girls, One Pantry, No money.

Ideas & recipes showing you how to eat healthily on a budget.

Their recipes are delicious and most of all inspiring.

We sent them one of our fruit bowls to have a play with. Below is what they came up with.

We hope you enjoy this little bit of inspiration, and different ways you can use this gorgeous design – and maybe a sneaky recipe or two.

Check out The Poor Girls website here:

Thanks Elise & Sarah Mae for your lovely work.

Kristal & Peter

June 1 2017

Coach House Design Launch

We’re so excited to launch our Coach House Design series.

We had a lot of fun developing this particular range. Zoe Campbell Photography & Design really helped us capture what this range was all about with her beautiful photography.

We felt that we needed to develop a range that didn’t shout ‘recycled wine barrel’. As much as we love what we can create with our recycled wine barrels, we wanted to develop a range that experimented with sleek curves, textures and create a really modern feel.

We hope you like what we’ve created.

Kristal & Peter