Inspired to create, crafted to share

It all started with an afternoon spent in the shed. With discarded wine barrels left out to claim, it wasn’t long until Peter decided to do something with them. What he found, was beautiful scarred & stained timber hidden beneath these unwanted barrels with endless possibilities.

The first design to emerge was almost surfboard like in shape and encompassed beautiful red wine stains.

The timber held its own prior story and became the talking point over dinner with friends & family that night.

It carried gorgeous markings, stains and a real history of its past life which seemed to only make it better. It was definitely loved among friends and remained a talking point – the bad news was, there was just one.

That moment over dinner had planted a seed for Kristal; to create more of these designs to share with others.

Designs that would gracefully carry the marks of the journey they had before them and inspire new ideas.  A piece that when brought out to entertain enticed conversation, inspired creativity and allowed you to share in the conversation.

What we’ve created is more than just oak. We hope it inspires you to create and share with friends.

Kristal & Peter


Global Commitment

We believe giving back is an integral part of operating a responsible and sustainable business.

Trees are our natural air filters and water factories. They help keep the climate stable, support our waterways, and offer jobs and prosperity to communities. This is why we have aligned with to plant one tree for every design sold.

Planting trees reverses environmental degradation, restores biodiversity and removes megatons of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

They have demonstrated the transformative power of trees in creating educational opportunities, empowering women, building strong communities and restoring greenhouse gas emissions.