About Us

“A father and daughter team who are passionate about their craft, design and innovation”

Our story

We are a father & daughter team from the Barossa Valley who are passionate about quality handcrafted designs using recycled wine barrels.

Living in the Barossa Valley and working in the wine industry has meant that we’ve seen quite a lot of wastage, especially with old wine barrels.

Being a little bit crafty and handy on the tools, we decided to do something about this.

It seemed like a crime to have beautiful old wine barrels thrown out or used as fire wood!

We knew these old beauties could offer so much more so that’s when Dad stepped into his shed and began experimenting.

What he created was absolutely beautiful, and with so much history I knew there would be other people out there who would love these creations as much as we did.

We weren’t wrong!

After quite a few years working on Winestains after work and on the weekends, we were finally able to turn this hobby into something so much more.


Barrels Salvaged

The amount of wine barrels we've salvaged so far this year (2022)

Hey there!

We re-purpose old wine barrels

We start by collecting recycled wine barrels from our local wineries. Wineries no longer have a use for them after around 5-8 years.

Once we have them back in our workshop, we break them apart and allow them to dry.

This can take around 2-4 weeks, especially in the winter months.

Different parts of the barrel allow us to create a range of different products. 


We work with trees.org to plant one tree for every design sold which assists in ending hunger, poverty and training farmers to regenerate their land.


Trees Planted

One design sold = One tree planted

Core Values

We value community over competition and strive to inspire those around us while staying authentic to our core values.


Pushing design boundaries


Above all else


Re-purposing old into new