Top 5 Fruit Bowl FAQ

We LOVE creating platters using the Fruit Bowl and now we’re answering your top 5 questions around this design.

How many people would the Fruit Bowl platter feed
We would say 8-10 people depending on whether you’re having any additional food. If it’s a pre-dinner platter then we would say around 10 people.

How much would this particular platter cost to create?
The platter featured in this video cost us around $65 to create – it’s all dependent on where you shop and what produce you decide to include. We showcase how to create platters on a budget inside of Platter Magic if you wanted to dive into that here. ​

Whats the best advice when wanting to serve more than 8-10 people using ​this board?
We suggest you keep extra cheese, dip and crackers to replenish the board as it empties as well as having a little bowl on the side with bread and crackers. 

When should I begin preparing the platter?
We suggest half an hour before hand – enough time to create a stunning platter and allowing the cheese to settle in at room temp. If you’re in a warmer climate, try to keep out of direct sun light and in a cooler spot for your guests to graze on.

How do I transport this platter if I’m taking it to a friends place?
You can create 90% of the platter at home – leaving the finishing touches and smaller items (such as nuts) until you get to your destination. We recommend wrapping your platter firmly with glad wrap from the base over to the top. Once you arrive, add your nuts, greenery and floral elements. You’re friends will definitely be impressed with this 😉

Tip: If you’re creating this platter to have at home, we recommend creating the platter in the spot you plan to serve it. This allows you to get extra creative with our greenery and floral elements.

Fruit Bowl