Top 5 tips for writing a heart-felt message

We spend so much time thinking of the ‘perfect gift’, only to leave so much unsaid…

Get ready to be vulnerable and if you can, make sure it’s handwritten.

1. State the purpose of your message

I like to start the message off by letting them know why I’m putting pen to paper. It may be due to a special occasion, a birthday or simply just because (this is my favourite reason!)

2. Recall a favourite memory you have of them

I like to think back to a favourite time you spent with this person. It could be something you experienced together, or something you remember them doing that you found inspirational or memorable.

3. Tell them exactly what you love most about them

This is my favouritve one. I find a lot of the time, the people receiving these messages didn’t even realise you noticed this about them. Trust me, this part will make their day.

4. Explain how life has changed since meeting them and how they’ve had an impact on you.

5. End with a sentence that sums up your thoughts and feelings about them

Depending on how in-depth you go I like to add in a little sentence at the end noting that you don’t expect anything in return. This just takes away the pressure they may feel to write something back to you. Give them permission to simply enjoy the words you wrote and thank them for being the wonderful person they are.