Ready to create a stunning platter,
but have no idea where to start?

Or how to make it look as though it hasn’t just been plonked down randomly?
You need Platter Magic!  Join the waitlist now. Doors Open October 5th

Or how to make it look as though it hasn’t just been plonked down randomly?
You need Platter Magic!
Join the wait-list now. Doors Open October 5th

By joining the wait-list you’ll gain access to an exclusive program discount PLUS bonuses which include handpicked wine discounts, wine + cheese pairing guide as well as our decorative blooms guide.

Creating platters can be overwhelming

Regardless of whether you’ve done it before (with underwhelming results) or you just never seem to get it looking as good as the one’s you’ve see online.

→  There’s so much to do! How do you know where to start?
→  What exactly do you even PUT on a platter?
→  Let alone WHERE and HOW?
→  And then how do you make it look so beautiful?

What’s more, you struggle for time. You don’t have hours to dedicate to this!

If this is resonating, you’re in great company. In fact, you sound like most people we’ve worked with…

Hey, I’m Kristal

Founder of Winestains where we create beautiful grazing boards and picnic products from recycled wine barrels.

Platters simply go hand-in-hand with what we do.

Platter Magic steps you through the foundations to create a stunning platter every time, with no prior knowledge.

Carving out the time to do ALL THE THINGS (work out what to put on your platter! How much you need to buy! How much it’ll cost! How to style your platter! Searching for dietary swap outs!) Feels like an impossible task when in fact…

Platters can be so much fun to create, therapeutic even and we want to share this creative outlet with you in a way that’s fun and inspiring.

You have the potential to create Platter Magic every time, and we can’t wait to show you how.

Hey, I’m Sarah

I’ll be guiding you through Platter Magic and I’m The creative behind Pressed Pantry – a boutique catering, food artistry and styling business where we love putting together beautiful platters using fresh seasonal produce.

An artfully styled platter that YOU created where you can sit down, slow down, enjoy with a glass of wine and spend time with the people you love is what I believe has the ability to transform an ordinary day into something very special.

I’m here to show you how to transform everyday fresh, seasonal produce into Platter Magic with you.

Platter Magic is based on a different approach to creating platters.

→  We get straight to the point – we know your time is precious
→  We prioritise styling above all else – we’re here to WOW
→  We provide options! Create abundant, minimal or budget platters. We’ve got you covered.
→  We give you alternative shopping lists for gluten free, vegan and vegetarian.

Sound like the kind of program you’ve been looking for?

You’re all the way down here because you’re not quite sure whether Platter Magic is the right fit for you

Maybe this will help…

✓  The joy of creating is not lost on you, and you’d simply love to spoil your guests with stunning platters.
✓  You’re looking to create something sensational that’s not just ‘plonked’ down
✓  You want to use your board to its maximum effect serving as a conversation piece
✓  You’re looking for the tools, tips, and tricks to control the design, quality and the budget of your platter.