How to create a budget friendly Platter

We LOVE creating platters but sometimes they can become a little expensive.
Grab our shopping list below and watch how we build this budget friendly platter for only $30.

* 1 x Beetroot & Feta 200g

* 1 x Cheddar
* 1 x Aldi Camembert
* 1 x Aldi Brie

With our selection crackers we’ve created our own budget friendly version where we’ve purchased wraps and bread which we’ve baked in the oven to create our own tasty version topped with herbs, salt and pepper!

* Wraps (Toasted + Cut)
* Bread (Toasted + Cut)
* Bread Roll Cut Into Slices


* 1 x Punnet Strawberries
* 1 x Orange


* Dried Pears 200g
* Popcorn
* Ham 50g


* Foraged Olive Branch
* White Daisies

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