Tips to styling your Fruit Bowl Cheese Platter

We want to show you some simple styling tips for the Fruit Bowl 👇

We love this platter for so many reasons…

👉 Perfect for long tables and shared food
👉 Acts as a stunning table centrepiece
👉 You can get super creative with this design

Here are 3 tips to help you style this board to really create a wow factor at your next gathering.

1. Stack your cheese x 2 in the centre of the board to create some height and add some fresh honeycomb on top.

2. Include fresh olive branches (or bluegum) in and round the platter working outwards with the larger pieces towards the end of the platter. You can even place greenery underneath the board and extend it to the end of your long table to really make a feature out of the platter.

3. Place some fresh daisies (or flower of choice) throughout the platter. This will help you level up your platter creation.

What do you think?

The Fruit Bowl really has the opportunity for you to get creative and make a real statement.

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